Amaranth Cattery & Kennels

Hi! I'm known around the internet as Amaranthine/Amarxnthine, and that tends to shorten down to either Amarx or Mara - feel free to call me whatever. I'm a 27 year old Canadian woman with an avid love for all things animals! While I'm new to the Petz community I did play Petz 5 a lot as a child, and I'm now rekindling my love for the series as an adult!

This site here is the Amaranth Cattery & Kennels, or the ACK for short. While the ACK primarily focuses on cats and dogs, it has also expanded its property to home livestock and small animals. Occasionally the breeding program will put offspring up for adoption to the public.

January 01, 2023

First update of the year and also first update of the new computer! Crew pages are once again up to date.